The Lay of the Land

I’ve included a map of what most people will call Macau below. When I speak to friends and family and I tell them I am living in Macau this is the what I am referring to.


Macau is actually made of three parts, there is the peninsula which is connected to china although its Special Administrative Region or S.A.R region ensures that there is a hard border between itself and China. This is important to note, as an american I am allowed 30 days into Macau without a visa however this does not mean that I can go into china, for that I do require a proper visa. More on the significance of the SAR later but I thought this point was important enough to single out.

The other two parts of Macau are known as Taipa and Coloane although technically both separate islands the filling in of the ocean has made them appear as one.

cotai and coloane island

it is difficult to tell from the two pictures I have provided but there are actually 3 bridges that cross from Macau to Taipa. There is a middle bridge between the two indicated here. However this middle bridge is restricted to public busses and taxi’s which is why it may not appear on the map above.

The whole of Macau is relatively small which can be hard to observe from the above maps. for reference you can travel from the North most end of Macau to the South in somewhere between one and one and a half hours by public bus. This takes into consideration frequent stops and traffic. This time can be cut in half by taxi.

Macau_bus rout.png

The above map was calculated on a Sunday morning, you can get the same update in the link provided below from google maps.

Google Maps – Macau

I will discuss transportation in a separate post as there can be much to discuss on that topic as well.

More updates soon!


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